Diesel Cd “Explode”plays in the UK and USA!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls it is with honour and with proud that i say we Diesel Band with our new cd “Explode” have already played in http://www.koastradio.co.uk/ radio station in the UK  program The Irish Mist  thanks to Mr.Francis, and now its time for cross the Atlantic and play in the “www.rawradiox.com” radio Station in USA!!!!!!!!!! , we are very happy and we hope all the listeners would love our songs “cover” versions…
we gonna start day 25 at 7 pm program “The Corner with K-Hubb”
Thanks to Karen Hubbard to make it possible…

Senhoras e senhores, meninos e meninas, é com honra e com orgulho que eu digo que a Banda Diesel com o novo cd “Explode” já tocou na http://www.koastradio.co.uk/ estação de rádio no programa britânico The Irish Mist  obrigado ao Mr.Francis, e agora é tempo de atravessar o Atlântico e tocar na Estação de rádio “www.rawradiox.com” nos EUA!!!! , Estamos muito felizes e esperamos que todos os ouvintes gostem das nossas versões “covers” …
vamos começar dia 25 às 7 pm programa “O Canto com K-Hubb”
Obrigado a Karen Hubbard para tornar possível …


2 thoughts on “Diesel Cd “Explode”plays in the UK and USA!!!

  1. Hi I’m just wondering if this is the diesel band that tours pubs as we have a band coming to Ryton club in a couple of weeks 🙂

    • Hi Lauren , I would like to say yes…but unfortunately not…we are resident in the Irish Cabin in Vilamoura Portugal,for now. maybe one day… thanks for asking… Kind Regards Diesel Band

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